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Pediatric Therapies

Feeding Therapy

Our team of therapists offer evaluation and treatment for children with severely restricted eating patterns.


Our trained therapists will evaluate your child’s needs, including a review of what is or is not working during family mealtimes, and create an individualized treatment plan. 

Our approach is non-invasive, supportive, and reliant upon caregiver engagement. We know children will experience the greatest gains when caregivers are part of every session. Together, parents and therapists align around the child’s needs, and identify and practice strategies that work in therapy and can be part of the child’s success at home.     

Feeding consultations and therapies are available for children of all ages. 

Recognizing Feeding Problems in Children 

A referral for feeding evaluation may be warranted if a child exhibits two or more of the following: 

  • Ongoing poor weight gain or weight loss 
  • Ongoing choking, gagging or coughing, vomiting during meals 
  • History of nasal or gastric reflux 
  • History of a traumatic choking incident 
  • Inability to make age-appropriate food transitions 
  • Aversion or avoidance of all foods in specific texture or food group 
  • Eats fewer than 20 different foods 
  • Family mealtimes feel like battles 


St. David’s Center accepts many major commercial insurance plans, Medical Assistance/TEFRA, PMAPs and private pay.

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