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Parent COVID-19 News



With the downturn of COVID-19, effective Monday, April 18, we will discontinue some of the precautionary measures we have had in place for the past two years. Please see below for the changes, and click here for the full Preparedness Plan. (Note that the Preparedness Plan website will be fully updated on April 18.)

We will be hosting three virtual sessions to review these guidelines and answer any questions you may have.  Click here to register for one of the three identical sessions. Register by April 1st.

Thank you very much,

Julie and Jayson

Following are the highlights of our Preparedness Plan changes.

Campus Changes

  • The lobbies at the Minnetonka campus and the Harman Center will open to families and visitors. Families coming to either location will enter through the main entrance to the building (Minnetonka) or clinic (the Harman Center) and are now welcome to use lobbies as waiting areas. Please note: Particularly from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, our lobbies are very busy places with many families coming and going; we ask that you keep this in mind especially if you need to have other children with you.
  • Curbside drop off and pick up will no longer be utilized. Parents/caregivers are expected to remain with children of all ages until they connect with their teacher or therapist in a classroom, treatment room, or the lobby, depending on the service.
    • Children arriving on medical transportation for day treatment programs will continue to be picked up at curbside.
  • Our outdoor spaces will open up at our Minnetonka location to children from different cohorts and to the public during the evening and on weekends.

Service Changes

  • St. David’s Center values, promotes, and (with some exceptions) expects parent/caregiver attendance at and engagement in their children’s services. You’ll be hearing more about our longstanding approach in the weeks to come. As of April 18, we are able to return to our practice of having parents/caregivers participate in treatment. Your child’s therapist will be your main point person to ensure you are clear about expectations.

Practice Changes

  • Our cohort guidelines will now allow multiple preschool or day treatment classrooms to overlap indoors and pediatric therapy clients to be co-treated in treatment spaces.
  • Social distancing guidelines are no longer in effect for staff and children.
  • Parents will no longer need to sign the Parent Consent Form when entering our buildings or working with our community-based staff.

Our Illness Exclusion Policy remains in place. If your child has symptoms or has been exposed to COVID-19, we will continue to ask that they refrain from attending services. We ask that parents/caregivers, any other family members, and visitors who have symptoms also refrain from entering our buildings.

  • We are in the process of reviewing our symptom and exposure guidelines as well and will communicate any changes as soon as decisions are made.

We continue to be committed to the health and safety of our families and staff and have built and revised our guidelines to reflect science, data, and guidance from public health officials and our own medical director. All current Preparedness Plan measures below will remain in place until April 18.


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