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Quality Parenting Initiative - Minnesota (QPI-MN)


St. David’s Center played an integral role in bringing QPI to Minnesota and in launching QPI-MN in October 2017. St. David’s Center has partnered with AspireMN, MN DHS, and several private foster care agencies, counties, and social service agencies to bring the work of QPI to Minnesota. QPI-MN aims to promote quality parenting for all children who experience foster care through identifying strategies to support birth parents and foster parents, offering training, and advocating for policy and legislative changes that positively impact children and families.

QPI-MN is a collaborative movement to improve foster care for the child/youth and all caregivers involved (birth, relative/kin, foster). In a quick summary, QPI focuses on the principles of

  1. Excellent parenting, every day for every child
  2. Developing enduring relationships for kids and families.
  3. Elevating the voice of lived experience individuals to understand what is needed and to develop solutions within the foster care/child welfare system.

QPI-MN is a statewide network of counties, agencies, and individuals. As a QPI Site, we are committed to having:

  1. A primary system goal of ensuring excellent, developmentally informed parenting.
  2. Leadership committed to examining and aligning practices and policies to support excellent parenting.
  3. Leadership committed to ensuring participation in QPI will be across individuals/groups, recognizing that experts by experience (youth, parents and foster families) are critical at each juncture. Communities are encouraged to feel ownership of the work to be done.
  4. An understanding that developmental research and science are the QPI framework underpinnings. Foundational to child development is effective parenting.

Some recent accomplishment of the QPI-MN team include:

  1. Creation of the first Minnesota Champions Cohort – this group of 12 individuals, including two of our own SDC staff, will be helping new counties and communities infuse QPI into their work within Minnesota and nationally.  
  2. Developed our shared agreements for equity through the antiracism action work group.  
  3. Reunification Day Proclamation by Governor Walz – June 25, 2020. 
  4. Participating in collaborative training with DHS on initial (comfort) call implementation.  

QPI-MN Values 

  1. Children and youth develop and grow through love and support of their families and communities.  
  2. Foster parents are respected partners who advocate and collaborate for the well-being of the child/youth and their birth family and relatives. 
  3. Communities and system partners collaborate and drive best practice and best interests of our children and youth. 
  4. Birth families, relatives and foster parents connect and create mutually healthy relationships to care for children and youth. 

For more information on QPI-MN visit: or 

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