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Building Security Plan Implementation:
December Update



As a reminder, after consultation with the Assistant Chief of Police in Minnetonka and our risk consultant, we have decided to implement several recommendations related to security on our Minnetonka campus, with the goal of monitoring visitors entering the building, providing a check-in point for all new families and visitors, and ensuring a security presence at the main entrance to our early education and early intervention center.

Construction on the new security desk is largely complete, and we are actively working on the updated security systems and hiring the Security Receptionists for the new desk. Our Director of Facilities and Risk Management is working to finalize and test our new security systems, which will allow our regular families to enter the Lobby with a “mobile access app” on their phones, while new families will need to go through a brief security check in at the desk. The security update process is going well, but is taking more time than we had anticipated to complete.

We will officially open the security desk in mid- to late-January. Prior to this, we will provide details on the new method of entering the building. That information will be coming in early January.

We appreciate your patience during this project and welcome any questions or concerns directed to

Thank you,

Jayson Palm

Director of Facilities and Risk Management

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