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Caregiver Insights Groups

Parenting can be a journey of highs and lows, but you have a partner in St. David’s Center.
We offer virtual Caregiver Insights Groups for parents who could benefit from ideas, support,
connection to other parents, and insight into their path forward.

Learn what your child’s behavior could be telling you
Strengthen your relationship with your child through connection and understanding
Discover practical strategies to help you and your child manage big feelings and solve problems as a team
Use mindfulness tips to reflect on your parenting, help you stay calm in the storm, and support your overall well-being

Raising your Highly Sensitive, Spirited or
Anxious Child

A 6-week group for caregivers who want to better understand, connect with, and support their child with neurodivergent traits (including ADHD and Autism) and/or other social learning differences.

Discovering Autism

A 6-week group to help caregivers process and understand autism from a strengths-based, neurodivergent-affirming perspective, access resources, and build community with other parents of young children recently diagnosed or exhibiting traits of autism.

Conversation and Connection: Ongoing
Insights Group

A twice a month drop-in group for any caregiver who has already participated in Insights and wishes to stay connected, enhance their learning, and share resources/strategies with other former Insights members.

Meet Your Facilitator

Amy Wink has dedicated her career to providing family-centered care across her roles as a pediatric speech-language pathologist and early childhood autism specialist. Through her experiences facilitating parent education and support groups, Amy sees the tremendous value in bringing parents together to learn from and support one another. She is thrilled to now offer this opportunity through St. David’s Center.

If you’d like more information before registering, please e-mail Amy at

6-Week Series Beginning January 16th: 

Raising your Highly Sensitive, Spirited or
Anxious Child

Tuesdays, 12-1:30 pm

6-Week Series Beginning January 18th:

Discovering Autism
Thursdays, 12-1:30 pm

Twice a Month Session Beginning January 17th:

Conversation and Connection:
Insights Group

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the Month, 1-2:00 pm


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