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As adults, we know stress can affect us in many ways. But how does stress show up in young children, and how can we help our children learn to manage that stress in healthy ways?

In this three-part podcast series on stress and resilience, St. David’s Center Therapist and Program Director Melissa Williams, Therapist and Senior Program Director Paula Frisk, and Occupational Therapist Megan Appelwick discuss this topic with Mom Enough team Marti and Erin Erickson.

In Part 1 of 3, Melissa Williams talks about the stress response in children and how stress can affect a child’s development.

In Part 2 of 3, Paula Frisk discusses the importance of parent-infant relationships in mitigating the effects of stress.

In Part 3 of 3, Megan Appelwick covers how stress shows up in the body and how to identify behaviors in your child that might be caused by stress.

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