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In the latest episode of the Mom Enough podcast, “From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation: Parent-Child Interactions that Prepare Our Children for Life,” St. David’s Center’s Melissa Williams discusses co-regulation with mother-daughter hosts Marti and Erin.

Click here to listen to the podcast, or continue reading below for more episode details from the Mom Enough website.

“From the earliest months of a baby’s life to the academic pressures and social dynamics of the teen years, children are learning and practicing how to understand and manage feelings, communicate their needs effectively and face challenges with strength and resilience. They are building “self-regulation,” the ability to calm down when they are upset and control the impulse to lash out in risky ways. And they are learning to try again when they fail or to use their best thinking to resolve a conflict or solve a difficult problem. But all of those skills that are part of self-regulation begin with ‘co-regulation,’ in the context of a caring, responsive parent-infant relationship.”

Melissa has worked at St. David’s Center for 12 years and is the Clinical and Site Supervisor for the Family Place Program in Minneapolis, MN. She is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with the focus of her practice being on the social-emotional development of children struggling to manage the effects of trauma, developmental challenges, and family or situational stressors. Additionally, she works with adults with mental health issues—particularly those balancing the demands of parenting and caring for themselves.
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