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Autism Treatment & Support

A Day In Preschool Autism Day Treatment

Daily morning and afternoon sessions that promote "just right" challenges for your child


Social Engagement and Emotional Development

This structured time, including small group activities targeting social and emotional growth, builds foundational skills as your child practices in “real life” settings throughout other portions of the day. Activities might include:

  • Small group activities
  • Social games
  • Opportunities to practice self-calming strategies

Occupational Therapy

Individual or small group activities target motor skills, self-help, and sensory regulation. Your child may engage in:

  • Movement-based activities such as climbing, swinging, jumping
  • Activities to develop fine motor skills
  • Self-care and self-help skills such as washing hands, using utensils, and dressing
  • Sensory play with materials like sand, beads, paint or shaving cream

Speech Therapy

Structured activities target social communication and interaction skills, helping them become more independent and confident in their environments. Our speech therapists use play to build these skills, such as:

  • Reading books
  • Sorting or stacking items
  • Putting together puzzles
  • Pretend play with toy figurines

Large and Small Group Activities

These activities scaffold your child’s skill development to a more complex setting such as:

  • Art projects
  • Games and story time
  • Walks on the nature trail

Snack and Lunch Times

Meal and snack times develop feeding-related self-help skills, teach meal time social routines, and focus on basic and advanced social interactions. A meal or snack time might include:

  • Table conversations
  • Asking to pass the milk
  • Practice using utensils

Sensory and Behavioral Support

Brief intervals throughout the day help organize the sensory system and promote engagement. Activities are chosen based on your child’s needs and might include:

  • Calming music, lotion
  • Use of headphones, weighted vests, or wiggle seats
  • High-energy races in the hallway
  • Visits from therapy dogs

Playground and Gym Time

Less structured time allows staff to model functional play, coach interaction with peers, and deepen relationships as we engage in favorite activities including:

  • Exploring outdoor playground equipment
  • Independent or group play
St. David's Center has given our family a foundation. It's made our family much stronger.
Nicole, Joey's Mother


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