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Wide, diverse set of Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations aligned against harmful federal tax bill

12 December 2017


Minnesota’s nonprofit community, a sector that employs nearly 12 percent of Minnesota’s workforce and partners with millions, is aligned in its opposition to the harmful and unprecedented federal tax bill.

The bill awaiting passage in Congress gives the largest benefits to profitable corporations and the wealthiest at the expense of most Americans. The tax cuts add more than $1 trillion to the deficit, and to pay for it, policymakers have clear plans to come back and deeply cut health care and other critical services. The harm will be dramatic, particularly to children, retirees, people with disabilities, workers, and families.

With trillions of dollars over the next decade at risk and impacts spanning all sectors, the tax bill under consideration and the budget resolution passed earlier this fall have vast negative consequences that will affect millions of Minnesotans well into the future. Advocates agree this tax bill does not represent the values of Minnesotans, and urge Congressional representatives to reject it.

If the bill is passed, potential cuts to programs like Medicare and Medicaid would mean many of our children and families could not access the critical services they need to thrive. “It’s terrifying to me,” says Cindy Klossner. Cindy’s four-year-old grandson Kellen receives services at St. David’s Center for autism and the effects of exposure to lead as an infant. Tax cuts could mean Kellen could no longer access the services that have changed his life. Without them, Cindy says, “I can’t imagine the kinds of limitations he’d face in school and in life longer term.”

This Friday, CEO Julie Sjordal will meet with Congressmen Erik Paulsen, member of the House Ways and Means Committee and a key majority vote, to bring to life the potential impact of this bill on the lives of the children and families we serve, and urge him to think of Kellan when he votes on tax legislation next year. “When we are healthy, employed, and young, we can’t imagine needing programs like Medicare or Medicaid. But your circumstances can change in a moment. We urge our Representatives to vote to ensure these programs are protected for the 3,000 children and families we serve, and all Minnesotans in the future.”

Contact Your Representatives

Call your elected officials to let them know the negative impact of this Tax Bill.


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