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Minnetonka Site

Introducing HID Mobile Access at St. David’s Center Minnetonka

27 March 2024


Please note this update only pertains to the St. David’s Center Minnetonka site.

Hello St. David’s Center Minnetonka Community,

Thank you for your support during the transition to our new security procedure at our Minnetonka site. Our goal is to monitor visitors entering the building, provide a check-in point for all new families and visitors, and align with security best-practices for clinics and ECE sites.

We are now in the final phase, and we’re ready to launch the mobile check-in process via HID Mobile Access®! Below, you’ll find information on the first steps you’ll need to take to help us implement this new security system. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, assistance, and patience!  

What is changing?

Instead of entering the building and going directly to the Front Desk to check in, you will now have an additional, brief step before entering St. David’s Center’s Minnetonka site.

What you need to do:

For occasional visitors, (for example, those visiting St. David’s Center for assessment only), you’ll check in with our new Security Professionals at the Security Check-in Desk — no need to install the HID Mobile Access® security app.  

Is that you? Read no further!

For frequent visitors, (for example, those whose child(ren) attend our Occupational or Speech Therapy, our Autism Day Treatment services, or who are enrolled in our ECE program) you will receive access to the HID Mobile Access® security app for your mobile device through your email. Once installed and open, the HID Mobile Access® security app will automatically open the front door to St. David’s Center, no additional check-in necessary!

Don’t have a smartphone? No problem! You will have the option to choose an accommodation during sign-up.

Also, depending on your family and caregiver dynamics, you may have the option to create multiple accounts in sign-up.

Because of the licensing system of HID Mobile Access®, frequent visitors will need to go through a multi-step process to finalize Security Access. This multi-step process will include registering the Primary Contact and up to two other Contacts. All Contacts must correspond to those caregivers already authorized to drop off and pick up a child or children at St. David’s Center.

We recognize that this multi-step sign-up process is not ideal. However, it allows caregivers to ensure control of who has access to St. David’s Center, protecting the safety of our entire community.

Frequent Visitor Next Steps:

  1. Pick the Primary Contact. To receive access to the mobile app, first determine which caregiver authorized to pick up at St. David’s Center will act as the Primary Contact. This person will help set up the up to two other Contacts within your account.
  2. Complete the sign up form. Once you have determined the Primary Contact, that person will fill out this form to set up the primary HID Mobile Access® account. This form allows the Primary Contact to create one shared account for all other Contacts. As a reminder, all Contacts in the HID Mobile Access® must correspond with those caregivers who are approved to regularly pick-up your child(ren). Please complete the form by 04/07/24. 
  3. Download the App. Within a few days of submitting your completed Primary Contact sign-up form, you will receive an email from HID mobile access at This email will include important information on how to download and activate the Primary Account from the App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android.
  4. Forward sign-up emails to all Contacts. Within a few days from download, the Primary Account holder will then receive initial sign-up emails for all other Contacts. The Primary Contact will need to forward these initial emails to all other Contacts separately. If you request ONE alternate Contact, you will receive one email to forward on to that Contact. If, however, you request TWO alternate Contacts, you will receive two DIFFERENT emails to forward, one to each of them.
  5. Ensure all Contacts complete sign-up and download. All other Contacts will then complete their own sign-up and will download the app as well.

Once the Primary Contact or any other Contact has downloaded the app, please allow a few days for it to be activated.

We understand that change can be challenging, and that new processes can feel frustrating at first. Our staff at the Security Check-in Desk will help you with any questions. They’ll be on-hand to help with sign-up April 4-5, and April 8-12, 8:00-9:00 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM.

Pending any unforeseen challenges,

our planned go-live date is April 15, 2024.

We are grateful to each of you for your patience and support, as we work together to make sure that we are keeping everyone in the St. David’s Center community safe!

Thank you,

Jayson Palm

Director of Facilities and Risk Management

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