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You can change the life of a child.

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We have learned from the very best, from his occupational and speech therapists, teachers, and para professionals. We are now so educated on how to help him succeed. We've come so far, and not just Roman. This is a family center, just like it says.
Misha, Roman's Mother

Around Roman’s second birthday, his parents realized he was different from his peers. He wasn’t speaking like they were, and his behavior became increasingly difficult to manage or even understand. Everyday life became a challenge. Simple things, like a trip to the park with his brother or to the grocery store with mom, seemed impossible.

Then Roman’s mom, Misha, found St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development.

Today, you’d never know the extent of the struggles Roman and his family went through. “He’s so articulate. He names his feelings. He’s always the first one in the family to name his feelings. He does a better job than I do,” Misha beams. Roman loves to tell jokes and play with Legos and dinosaurs. He is a happy boy who loves school and his peers.

Roman's Story

Discover Roman's story and learn more about his journey at St. David's Center today.

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