Autism Support Services

For families of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), determining the appropriate treatments and coordinating care can be a daunting task. Autistm Support Services at St. David's Center provides care management for families insured through Medica.

Our staff evaluates the therapeutic needs of each child, develops a care plan and works with the family to coordinate services. Depending on the level of need, we also provide direct intervention therapies and skills development. Both one-on-one and group intervention options are available.

Tiers of Service
Autism Support Services is a combination of multiple service options that provide support for children with ASD and their families based on individualized needs. Together with the family, our program coordinator determines which service options are most appropriate for the child and promote optimal development. The following service options are available:

Care management:

  • Care plan development including ongoing evaluation, coordination and oversight of services and schedules
  • Team conferencing with family
  • Research and access to resources
  • Progress monitoring and reporting

Therapeutic Behavioral Support:

  • One-on-one goal directed services in the
    home or community that promote skill

Therapeutic Interventions:

  • Individual or group music therapy
  • Social skill groups
  • Emotional/social support

Consultation with parents:

  • Four tiers of parental support are available. Together, we will determine which tier is appropriate for your family. See our brochure for more details. 

Learn More
To learn more, please contact our Central Office of Resources and Enrollment (CORE) at 952.548.8700 or

These services are available to Medica subscribers only. Contact your provider to find out if you qualify.  

Please note: While this care management program is only available through Medica, St. David's Center contracts with most major insurance companies for our Pediatric Therapies and Life-Phase Services.

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