Toddler Playground

Designed with every toddler in mind

Toddler Playground Maze

St. David's Center's toddler playground was the first playground in Minnesota to integrate both inclusive and natural elements when it opened in September 2010 to commemorate our 50th year.

Designed by Landscape Structures Inc, our playground is custom designed with every toddler in mind.

  • The equipment is specifically for children 16 months to three years, at all stages of physical, cognitive and social development
  • The layout provides the perfect balance of open space to run, jump and roll as well as fun play components that provide the "just-right challenge" for everyone

We believe in helping children of all abilities fulfill their individual potential in a setting where they can explore, exercise their curiosity and imagination and develop social relationships through play.

"The first time that I went out to the outdoor toddler playground and Leah was filthy dirty and she had sand in her hair and I thought, oh good, they’re letting her get dirty. For me, that’s when I knew St. David’s Center was the right place for us." 

-Ty, father of Leah

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