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Working at St. David's Center

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At St. David’s Center, we aren’t looking to hire just anyone.

We are looking for employees who understand the power of relationships, embrace possibility where others see obstacles, and are passionate about changing the lives of children and families.

What do you get in return for your energy and dedication?

You get the opportunity to engage in work that’s both challenging and incredibly rewarding. You also get to be part of a supportive team environment where your strengths are celebrated and you feel respected and valued. Additionally, you get to engage in a culture that nurtures employee wellbeing.


#1 Mission Inpired WorkMission-Inspired Work

The work we do can be challenging; that's the simple truth. That's why we hire people who believe that our mission is important enough to be worth the tireless energy and effort that make it possible. Our employees bring their whole selves to their work and are unified around our mission to build relationships that nurture the development of every child and family

“I want to be doing something great with my life, my skills, and my time! There is truly no other work I would rather be part of than work that changes the life of a child.”

#2 Supportive Team EnvironmentSupportive Team Environment

Our employees have a strong sense of team. They respect each other, learn from one another, and genuinely enjoy working together. We deeply value the opportunity to collaborate with others to achieve the best results. With such professional diversity "under one roof", our employees have access to perspectives they have never had in other settings, creating an environment of ongoing learning and development. 

“It is wonderful to work with people who are inspired, motivated, and educated, I always feel like I am learning new things as well as feeling appreciated by others."

#3 Investment that Supports Growth and CreativityInvestment that Supports Growth and Creativity

People do their best work when they feel valued as individuals and invested in as professionals. We support and encourage employees in their learning, growth, and innovation. Our employees are celebrated for their strengths, respected for their ideas, and honored for the skills and knowledge they bring to work each day.

“My supervisor takes such an interest in my development, has so much confidence in me and my work, and has such high hopes for my future here. I've never had a supervisor make me feel like such a valued member of the team and it's incredibly motivating."

#4 A Culture that Nurtures WellbeingA Culture that Nurtures Wellbeing

Our employees are dedicated family members, friends, and active participants in their communities. We encourage our staff to live full and meaningful lives, achieve a healthy work-life balance, and continuously improve their wellbeing. Wellness is supported through opportunities to practice physical, emotional, and social wellbeing as well as a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical and dental coverage, a generous PTO schedule, childcare discounts and more!

“The flexibility, trust, responsibility, and autonomy I am given from my supervisor allows me the work-life balance I need. To me, work wellness is allowing me to complete my work as I see fit so I can enrich my life in all areas, professional and personal."

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