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Covid Update for Families

August 20, 2021


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August 20, 2021

Dear Families,

As COVID guidelines continue to evolve with the introduction of the Delta variant, we’re touching base with our St. David’s Center community regarding our most recent preparedness protocol.

Please see below for updates that pertain to all St. David’s Center families, as well as notes addressed specifically to families who receive services at home or partner sites, at our Minnetonka location, and at the Harman Center in Minneapolis.


For All Families


Since the onset of COVID, we have regularly consulted our medical director for her expertise and guidance, and we have stayed apprised of updates from the CDC and MDH. In addition to these sources, we have continued to research the latest science, as well as to compare our protocol with those of similar organizations, while always considering our uniqueness as an organization.

If you have questions at any point, our online Preparedness Plan continues to be a valuable resource. Our leadership team keeps it up-to-date, and it provides answers to frequently asked questions.


At this time there are no disruptions to our programs and services. If this changes and your services are impacted, we will contact you immediately.

Face Coverings

Except in certain limited circumstances, all staff, parents/caregivers, and clients age six and older are required to wear masks in all public spaces, treatment rooms, and classrooms. This includes St. David’s Center buildings, partner sites, and client homes. We are not requiring face coverings outside at this time. More details can be found under “Face Coverings” in our Preparedness Plan.


We will always keep our St. David’s Center families updated on any COVID cases that might affect them. Since January, no one in our buildings has tested positive for COVID, and we’ve had minimal cases within families receiving services at partner sites or in their homes. In those situations, we alerted anyone at risk of exposure.

At last count, over 90% of our staff have been vaccinated.

For Families Receiving Services at Partner Sites

At partner sites, staff, clients, and families need to follow the protocol in the school building or community center. In the event our Preparedness Plan provides additional safety precautions, our plan must also be followed.

For Families Receiving Services at Home

For those receiving in-home services, specific guidelines are determined on a case-by-case basis and will be communicated to you by the staff with whom you work.

For Families Receiving Services on Our Main Campus in Minnetonka

Lobby Usage, Arrivals/Departures, and Building Access

The lobby will remain closed, and we will continue with curbside drop-off and pick-up until further notice.

In limited circumstances, if staff determine it is necessary for a child’s care or treatment plan, parents may be invited into the building. In these cases, staff will partner with you to discuss details.

For Families Receiving Services at the Harman Center

St. David’s Center follows the COVID guidance of Westminster Presbyterian Church. We are currently awaiting updated guidelines from the church and will contact all Harman Center families with those updates within the next month.

The Harman Center lobby will remain closed, with one exception. Families who use public transportation will be able to wait in the Harman Center lobby while children are in services.

Because of our commitment to your child’s health and safety, we are tracking the virus and the Delta variant closely. We will continue monitoring the guidance from the CDC, MDH, and our medical director, and we will reach out via email with any significant changes to our protocol.If you have any questions between communications, please see our Preparedness Plan. The information on this site is regularly reviewed and updated.

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact Jayson Palm, Director of Facilities and Risk Management, at


With gratitude for your understanding and your partnership during this time,

Julie Sjordal, CEO, St. David’s Center for Child and Family Development

and Jayson Palm, Director of Facilities and Risk Management


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