Central Office of Resources & Enrollment

Managing intake, enrollment, and referrals


The Central Office of Resources & Enrollment (CORE) manages all intake, enrollment and referrals—navigating resources and services so you can focus on the most important thing: your family. 

Whether you’re wondering if your child’s behavior is typical or seeking specific services, the CORE Navigators:

  • Connect you with the best program for your child and family
  • Help with referrals from providers

About the CORE Navigators

At St. David’s Center, you build a relationship with your CORE Navigator that extends far beyond an inquiry phone call. What to Expect When You Call CORE 

CORE navigator 

Our compassionate and knowledgeable Navigators have more than 50 years’ combined experience working in and with our programs. We offer support and guidance so you have a partner. 

Contact CORE 


Phone: 952.548.8700 | Fax: 952.548.8685

Email: coreinfo@stdavidscenter.org

Client Resources: Online documents and forms

Referrals: Make a Referral

Email Inquiry:

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