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You can help us build relationships that nurture the development of every child and family.

St. David's Center offers unique and rewarding volunteer opportunities in a variety of programs at our Minnetonka location and in the broader Twin Cities West metro community. We understand the importance of volunteers and the impact they have on each and every child, and we are committed to providing ongoing support, training and flexibility.

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Volunteer Spotlight - Kitsy Morrison

"It's so exciting to be in a place where everybody is working to see each child succeed."


Kitsy Morrison

In order to carry out our mission to its fullest potential, St. David's Center relies on the time and talent of more than 550 volunteers each year. From helping maintain our grounds and building to giving additional support to program staff, volunteers enhance the experience of every child and family we serve.

Kitsy Morrison, who holds a Master of Education emphasizing Autism and Asberger's Syndrome, began helping out in our Autism Day Treatment (ADT) program in January and is one of the newest additions to our community of volunteers.

"I was looking for volunteer work that would use my background in special education, and I was blown away when I learned about St. David's Center's many programs," Kitsy said. "The ADT program seemed like a perfect fit for my skills, and it's been so exciting to be in a place where everybody is working to see each child succeed."

Kitsy's interest in autism spectrum disorder stems from a job she had in college. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in psychology, she provided in-home care and therapy to a young girl with autism.

"The little girl was so sweet, and her mother was so dedicated to reading any research she could get her hands on in order to help her daughter. I learned so much from that family," she said.

Now volunteering one day per week in an afternoon ADT treatment room, Kitsy continues to learn from the children and families at St. David's Center while giving the staff an extra hand when they need it.

"I love that there are so many different types of specialists working with each child---speech therapists, occupational therapists, educators and mental health professionals," she said. "In addition to assisting the staff in the treatment room, I also add a different, yet safe and stable, dynamic to the children's routines that serves as a teaching tool for social skills. The kids have been so welcoming, and it's so fun to see them learn and remember my name!"

Thank you, Kitsy, and thank you to each and every one of our volunteers for all you do.


For more information or to volunteer, contact our Corporate and Community Engagement Specialist: 952.548.8609 | pmann@stdavidscenter.org.


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